7 Moka Coffee Maker
The Coffee Machine Designed with the Perfect Balance of Taste and Convenience.

The coffee culture in China continues to grow at a rapid pace and it is estimated that the coffee market will reach 108 billion yuan by 2023.  It is likely that there will be a shift in coffee-consumption habits, transitioning from purchasing coffee at stores to DIY creation at home. 7 Moka Coffee Maker was developed to address this shift and allows users to create various types of coffee with ease and enjoyment inside the comfort of their own homes. 

Our study indicated that Chinese consumers prefer milk coffee and over 60% of coffee consumers are aged between 25-40. Targetting this core group, 7 Moka Coffee Maker collaborated with a professional barista to develop an automatic Moka pot to replicate the traditional Moka pot coffee making process, defining the precise quantity of water and milk required to produce the perfect latte with a single touch of a button. 

To make the product more user-friendly, 7 took an innovative approach and launched its own coffee capsules and coffee grind which could be used with the coffee maker. Nevertheless, users are still able to use a brand of their choice, if they so wish. Users are provided maximum freedom in the coffee making process; they can opt for simplicity by using a coffee-capsule or select their favourite coffee-grind. 

In terms of product appearance design, the engineering team compared the 3D data to optimize the manufacturing, product structure, and model. 20 prototypes were developed to maximize the realizability of the product, ensuring the concept can be fully brought to life with no unexpected obstactles in the production process. We examined and improved on the previous model by enhancing the appearance and reducing the size of the base to allow it to easily fit in a standard living room. 

During the pilot stage, our product engineers carefully considered the combination of materials and parts to ensure the best quality can be reached at low cost. 

Modified from the previous version, the new 7 Moka Coffee Maker does not compromise on appearance, quality, or convenience. We further finalised the product with finishing touches. For example, 380℃ high temperature insulation layer was applied to enable users to clean with ease; tangle-free wire design for easy storage; and IMT material or high durability. 

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