A Leading German Vehicle OEM
Innovation of Service Experience from Car to Life Enhances Product Value.
Innovation and definition of the concept of electric vehicle customer journey experience

Project Challenge

A German car company planned to launch the first pure electric vehicle in the Chinese market in 2019. S.POINT was invited to design a full-process service experience for the product. The content of the project included digging deeply into user concerns and pain points, internal test drive activities, and co-creation workshops, innovating service design for different scenarios of electric vehicle travel, and paving the way for the success of products in the China market.

Project Description

Field trips and consumer research for electric vehicle users.

Internal electric vehicle test activities to simulate the problems that consumers will face when driving electric vehicles.

Multiple rounds of internal stakeholder seminars and co-creation workshops

Concept and execution plan development

Project Outcome

The database of electric vehicle consumer Journey Behavior.

Innovative concept database that integrates all the ideas presented in the entire project.

Complete consumer journey (including key moments in the journey).

25 use cases of experience from pre-sale to after-sale.

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