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Create Marketing Touch Point with Digital Experience to Improve Leads Transformation.
Definition and design of intelligent customer service products

Project Background

Under the trend of electric, intelligent, network and sharing in China's automobile market, automobile enterprises have transformed from product providers to service providers. Identifying the ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency for automobile enterprises through digital products and improve user experience has become a common challenge. In order to quickly occupy the market highland in the fierce competition, S.POINT was entrusted by the user experience and big data department of the world's leading OEM to create a set of cross-channel innovative digital solutions covering the whole journey of consumers, so as to meet the changing user needs and help customers improve the overall service experience of consumers in car purchase, car use and after-sales.

Project Content

Through in-depth interviews with the owners of the three major brands of customers, the guide team learned about their pain point needs under each contact of the whole journey from car purchase, car use to re-purchase, and turned them into innovation opportunities. AI intelligent customer service, a digital product, is designed to provide users with innovative service experience in pre-sales consultation, appointment and after-sales scenarios through four channels, i.e. car machine, official website, social media, and app.

Project Output

IChat intelligent customer service has been released and published on their official website, Wechat mini programme, and also an app. This will all serve to

enhance the transformation of website leads.

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