Han : An Exellent Experience of Short Term Overseas Exchange for YPN Project .

YPN stands for Young Professional Network, and it is a platform for the young employees of member in Cordence Alliance to learn, grow and communicate together. In March last year, our fellow Han joined YPN as the only member of S.Point.


Nearly a year later, we found Han and wanted to start with this lucky man to uncover the mystery of YPN and take a step with Han stealing the teacher and selecting YPN.


01 Everyday is a new start

Q1: Why did you join S.Point?

A1: In fact, before graduating from graduate school, I tried internships in four different types of companies, including the world's top 500, small and medium-sized Internet companies, and start-up companies. The last place for internship is S.Point.

There are many reasons for me to stay, the most important thing is that each project here is a new challenge and expand my knowledge boundaries. This makes me believe that S.Point will be the excellent platform for me to accumulate my experience and set the foundation for focusing on a specific field in the future.

Q2: Which are you mainly responsible for in S.Point?

A2: As the core member of the project, I served three automotive customers of Audi, NIO and SAIC GM, participating in the whole process from begin to final delivery. I focus on insight research and innovation workshops, providing insight and strategic input for customers' concept car innovation. In addition, I also involved in other project,for example product definition of Infiniti APP product, the research and innovation of Nader Smart Home, etc.


02 Time to Think Free!

Q1: In this year of joining YPN, what projects did you participate in?

A1: Each YPN member can choose the corresponding project according to their own interests and working hours, and work together with YPN members from different countries to complete the project. I currently participate in three of them: The Coco App, Knowledge Sharing, and the fifth YPN Training held in October last year.

Q2: Is the Coco App an app for the public? What role did you play in the project?

A2: No, the Coco App is currently only for internal members. The idea to make this APP launch in YPN Training. We hope to build an online platform that brings together members of the Cordence alliance and share cases among alliance members quickly and find relevant experts and potential project partners and reference cases.

My work in the team is to provide the opinions from S.Point on the function definition and design of the App, and complete the co-creation with the project members.

Q3: Can you briefly introduce the contents of YPN Training this year?

A3: YPN Training usually organized by one of CWW's member companies. This year's issue was organized by Alfa Consulting in Barcelona, with the theme of Design Thinking, and the whole training was connected in the form of workshops.

Q4: What did YPN Training give you?

A4: This training not only solidify my methodology of Design Thinking, but also I can learn from members from different countries that breaks the boundaries of thinking. Throughout the training process, we will use STEEP (the research boundary of the macro environment, including Social \ Technological \ Economical \ Environmental \ Political) to assist in thinking, but the best time is to follow by a brainstorm.

03 Eating and eating in Barcelona

Q1: Did you travel around Barcelona after work? What part of this city impressed you most?

A1: Gaudi architecture! I saw Gaudi's work in the design books and I have always admire his stunning design. When you can experience Gaudi's architectural concept immersively, especially when you first arrive at theSagrada Familia, you will be stunned and inspired by the how he apply curves derived from nature to the extreme. The Sagrada Familia, Mira Apartment and Casa Batllo can be seen everywhere. Every element in the building are inspired by elegant shapes of waves, plants, biological bones, even the door handles 

"Q2: Everyone knows that in many European countries, Spanish food can be regarded as gourmet. Do you have a special dish or two?

A2: The top pick is Tapas. Before our training, there was a warm-up party, where everyone was holding Tapas and wine, chatting with friends around them, a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. This chat scene with Tapas food is the most common in Spain.



A step for female school bully in the workplace

Q1: So at the end of the interview, can you give some suggestions for newcomers to the workplace and younger fellows?

A1: I personally regard "closed-loop thinking", everytime when you think about the first step,come up with the next step. Closed the loop as much as possible, and solve problems for your superiors.

In addition, as a project executor, newcomers in the workplace must not only do the project execution, but also think about the other two key modules included in the project operation: delivery control and stakeholder communication. For example, carefully consider the brief issued by the superior or the client to meet the needs of the other party, try to focus on the key, and complete the work efficiently with few things; or before communicating with the client, you can also anticipate what questions the client will raise in order to make more changes. 

Q2: Finally, I would like to recommend some books that are highly readable or helpful to design and insight.

A2: For design thinking and insight, I would recommend "The Art of Insight, Precise Observation and Effective Communication".

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