Briefing of April from S.POINT|Cordance : Product Innovation in the Digital Era .

My dear friends,

The widespread application of leading digital technologies in the business and consumer fields has become the key to China's economic growth after the epidemic. S.POINT | Cordence will further focus on the product opportunities brought by the digital transformation of traditional industries and the transformation of business models. Product innovation strategy and execution, and manufacturing management will be our two core service sectors.

Product Innovation Strategy: Consumer Demand Focused  

Under the product innovation strategy, we focus on exploring market needs, product function definitions, and customer experience planning, in order to find strategic opportunities with value for both the customer and the business.

Audi - The Design of Future Conceptual Vehicle

Our Value: We provide in-car concept design for future cars designed by Beijing Audi headquarters in China. We started with digital technology trends and user needs, and then we invited cross-industry experts to participate in a series of co-creation workshops.

Solutions: The final output of the project was based on the concept of in-car digital innovations which have been applied to Audi AIME at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.


Benz EQ Service Hub - Refine the After-sales Service Mode

Our Value: The city center has become the mainstream marketing channel for new automotive forces which is changing the consumers’ car purchasing behavior and after-sales service needs. S.POINT | Cordence developed new business models to solve high cost and low efficiency for the city center sales channel.

Solutions: We designed the Mercedes-Benz EQ service hub. A service station located in parking lots that provides various services for existing EQ owners such APP reservation charging, long-term and short-term parking, and maintenance service. The hub also serves as a “traffic entrance” to reach potential customers, realizing strategic opportunities for both users and businesses.


UNDER ARMOUR - Design of Consumer Experience in Store & Launch

Our Value: S.POINT conducted field research and helped the client to develop a unique and sustainable retail experience process strategy.

Solutions: Based on the brand concept of UNDER ARMOUR, we observed the consumers and their behavior in the store. The project used store service guidelines and KPI evaluation criteria as the delivery target.


Product Execution and Manufacturing Management: The Channel from Design to Mass Production

In addition to our designers, our internal execution management team which comprises of engineers, supply chain, and QA professionals can manage product execution, mass production and supply chain management. Our internal team can achieve agile execution management leveraging our expertise and our extensive manufacturing relationships.


“7”Moka Coffee Maker (7 is an independent brand by S.POINT)

The "7 Moka Coffee Maker" by S.POINT takes a traditional moka pot into an innovative solution. The user-friendly panel controls temperature and time with one-click! 7 Moka Coffee Maker, restores the process of high-quality coffee and redefines the product functions, technical solutions, and the overall manufacturing process.


McDelivery - Full Process Design Creates User and Business Value

Our Value: Provided a complete solution for McDelivery. The challenge is for the delivery design includes the need to balance strict mass production costs, operating complexity, and storage space constraints.

Solutions: The project involved the process and efficiency improvement of food catering and food distribution services. We examined different scenarios, assessed the needs, and tested the delivery. The solution included a defined process, thermal insulation and functional design of takeaway boxes and tableware hat balanced food quality and production costs. 


Guided by the core concept of "Product innovation, drives business innovation" and our innovation capabilities S.POINT | Cordence will help you explore issues related to business model, product strategy, design, and execution. We are looking forward to working with you to create the future and your business value.


Zhou Yi

S.POINT | Cordence Founder & CEO

We appreciated your business support!

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