Treat Yourself with a Cup of Coffee.

If new retail is to address consumer demands in different scenarios, what is the next consumption trend? Today, young people are increasingly seeking personal expression and happiness. Helping consumer create their own world is a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs.

S.Point is a consumer-centric product innovation company. In the past 21 years, we have provided design-related services for the world's top 500 enterprises along with Chinese local brands. We have also won international design awards including Red Dot and IF. Our services include defining innovation opportunities, inventing innovative solutions, customizing products and helping develop innovation capabilities in others. Leveraging on our innovation capabilities, we envision that the urban youth could realize the beauty of life that is brought through stylish asthetics. 

Zhou Qi, the founder of S.Point, believes that 7 focuses on the lifestyle of urban youth, and brings them more happiness through innovative products which are well-priced, high-quality, and easy to use. 7, incubated by S.Point, symbolises the growth of S.Point to develop into something that goes beyond being just a design consulting firm, but also now has strong product innovation capabilities.

7 has its own capabilities which include product definition, design, manufacturing, and marketing. The brand also provides customized product development services for enterprise customers including e-commerce platforms, communities and IP. "7" can develop product strategies based on consumer needs that respond swiftly to the market. 7 product line consists of products for daily life scenarios such as personal care, leisure sports, and travel. The products firstly released in 2018 include coffee machines, table lamps, and leisure bags.

"Our team compared the coffee machines on the market, including American coffee machines, hand-made coffee pots, moka pots, semi-automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, portable hand-pressed Italian machines. S.Point finds that 'milk coffee' is the market which 7 should tap into. 7 invited a professional barista to adjust the parameters and figure out the precise milk and water ratio for a delicious cup of coffee. 7 developed a product which allows the consumer to enjoy professional-standard coffee in one tap. 

In terms of design and operation, the entire product is small and compact, which provides great convenience for easy storage. The diligent improvement in small details are reflected in the anti-scalding silicone wrapping, the magnetic capstan in the milk foam maker.

Regarding the next operation plan and brand building, Zhou Cheng told Dynamic Point Technology:  7 targets 180 million young people and we will continue to create value-added, quality, and easy-to-use innovative products allowing them to look after themselves, their loved ones, and their friends friends. Lifestyle is not a slogan, we translate it into products that resonate with the values and attitudes to life."

After the first round of crowdfunding in Taobao, 7 will continue working on online channels  and also work on co-branding with well-known consumer brands. Limited editions and offline consumer experience activities, such as pop-up stores, 360-degree marketing promotion will be launched together with the latest product of table lamps and leisure bags.

At the same time,services of S.Point covers the fields of automobiles, communications, home appliances, medical health, FMCG, construction machinery, public facilities, and other cooperative enterprises include Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Samsung, Philips, BD Medical Devices, Audi, NIO, Unilever , Sany Heavy Industry and other brands. In addition, S.Point received two rounds of tens of millions of investments led by Northern Lights in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

The original text of this article was published in Dynamic Point Technology

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