Why Product Strategy?
Product Strategy —— Bridging Business Strategy to Product Success.

At S.POINT, we provide innovative consulting services and adopt a clear position of "product strategy consultancy". Why do we take such an approach?

Having over 20 years of experience, we realize that corporations often have a well-developed strategy with a strong analysis of their business model, yet lack detailed product definition and planning. This results in an unrealistic and unfeasable business model which, in the past, has frustated many multinational companies who turned to S.Point for a solution. After understanding the top-level strategy, we leverage our design skillset to translate the strategy into product design by identifying the best innovation opportunities to define and plan for the product. 

We will implement the solution right after the product strategy has been confirmed to ensure the product catches the next market opportunity without delay.

The circle above covers our "product strategy" philosophy, as well as our strong capabilities. S.POINT uses a series of innovative and creative working methods, including:

User-Tailored Research Methods

Based on the methodology of ethnographic research, combined with the strategic needs of enterprises, we formulate the optimal research strategy with reasonable sample standards and regional coverage. Digital tools are often utilized for efficient remote research.

Cross Category Expert Co-creation

Based on our expertise and popular KOL resources, we organize co-creation workshops with experts, KOL and users. The co-creation is not only a collaborative design activity but also a way of collecting useful insights. The output obtained from the workshop sets the direction for the next step in strategy.

Multi-Disciplinary Design

S.POINT was selected as being the "National Industrial Design Center" by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for 7 consecutive years. In addition to product and industrial design capabilities, our skills further stretch across graphic design, space design and UXUI design. 

Global Network Resources

S.POINT is the only member of the global advisory alliance "Cordence Worldwide in China; Cordence has 12 members in 14 countries. Members in the network share their expertise with each other, utilizing the alliance strength to serve the clients' global business.

Redefining Product 

We live in the modern age where more and more things are going digital, while experience associated with the product is of equal importance as the product itself, if not more. We believe the definition of "product" has advanced to mean beyond physical items, and includes services and digital creations. We believe that top-level business strategy and execution, products opportunities, function definition planning, service definition planning, and digital experience planning are all indispensable links. S.POINT will continuously accumulate in this area to assist more clients create and realize business value.

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