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    The Challenges

    Washing the face doesn’t seem to be a complex task. However, given bad air quality and long commuting hours in the city, the face is increasingly affected by germs and dirt. In addition, long working hours, computer radiation, and even cosmetics further burden the facial skin. Now more and more consumers realize that they have to maintain good looks as well as internal health. In this connection, Infinitus looks to contributing to health starting from face washing.

    Established in 1992, Infinitus specializes in Chinese herbal medicine development, production, and distribution. Main products include oral nutrition products and beauty products for skin care. Given the lack of in-house hardware development capacity, the company requests S.POINT to develop a consumer hardware device based on market insights. The device must leverage S.POINT design strength, provide manufacturability, and satisfy Chinese consumer demands.

    The Solutions

    Black beads, pimples, and skin keratinocytes are facial problems closely related to face washing. S.POINT started by analyzing how people wash the face, trying to figure out behaviors and demands. 

    As expected, most consumers use the hands directly to wash the face. However, such conventional way of washing can only clean the surface. Dirt and germs remain, leading to pimples and freckles. Of course, there are people who use a facial brusher kind of device. Many would seek advice through word of mouth or social media to identify a good facial brusher. Therefore, an easy to use facial brusher does have market potentials. 

    By comparing currently available facial brushers on the market, S.POINT found most available information related to foreign brands, with consumers buying such products through overseas proxies. Therefore, educators of the facial brusher market were foreign players. Domestic brands should have an opportunity to open up local market. In fact, Infinitus had built up a mature distribution network in China. Plus consumer insights in the local market, Infinitus facial brusher should have a big chance to win. S.POINT can provide consumer insights by understanding behaviors, habits, and experience. “If there is an easy-to-use, affordable facial brusher with Chinese instructions, I’d like to try,” said a respondent in the survey. 

    The consumers looked for easy-to-use, effective products. How to translate insights into products? S.POINT strategists and engineers started brainstorming sessions. The engineers started from brush make and machine operation. They offered two brushes, with the hair diameter at 0.05mm. Regular brush with regular hair can cleanse skin keratinocytes for general consumers, but the special brush with fine hair can satisfy those with sensitive skin, including pregnant women. 

    Combining physics with human skin analysis, the engineers added skinning and punching maneuvers to the brusher operations. With the combined maneuvers, the dirt hidden in the pores would be removed. The process would also provide a massaging effect on the skin, so that it can better absorb nutrients. In addition, the different levels of operating strengths would suit different consumers, with soft maneuvers for sensitive and neutral skin types and strong maneuvers for deep cleansing in the T area. 

    The Results

    The birth of a product must not be a mere reproduction of a previous design or copycatting existing models. When developing the facial brusher, S.POINT started from consumer demands and local market insights, against which designs were tested. The final result was the product that satisfy the local market needs. 

    The delivered product won 500,000 orders in the first batch. Fresh at the market, the daily sales number was far better than competitors. Now the sales value reached over 100 million yuan. 

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