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    The Challenges

    The Turks made coffee some 800 years before the Italians. Instead of pressure used by Italians, the Turks serve coffee by mixing water and finely ground coffee beans in Briki, a special stainless steel pot, and boiling the mixture. The Turkish coffee is prepared in a rather complex manner; therefore, when Italian coffee is already in the automatic era, with widely available coffee machines, Turkish coffee must still be prepared in a manual process. 

    NAJJAR, a Turkish coffee brand name, requested S.POINT to develop a Turkish coffee machine to bring the Turkish genre into the age of automation.

    The Solutions

    S.POINT engineers assembled a prototype based on metrics provided by the customer. The prototype was designed to mimic the heating and cooling process of Turkish coffee. However, the first test was a failure. The customer data involved only temperatures, but our engineers found after the failure that the key lied with the speed – how to quickly heat and cool the mixture so as to exactly reproduce the same taste obtained in the manual process.

    The conventional heating device is a helical structure, hard to clean, thus unfit for any coffee machine. Building on its 20 some years of product development experience, the S.POINT team managed to invent a film heater, measuring 1mm or so in thickness, powerful enough to generate huge heat within a short time (slightly over 10 seconds) so as to heat and cool very quickly, now satisfying the Turkish coffee preparation process. 

    With the heating problem solved, the engineers began to customize the processer. Preparing the Turkish coffee involves a very complex process, and the Turkish coffee machine is far more complex than a general model. First, the Turkish coffee capsules were fed into the machine, which must open up the capsules, to pour the power into the machine for brewing. The machine must handle the steps on its own. The S.POINT engineers decided on an 8-core CPU as the central processing unit of the coffee machine. Streamlined codes and workflow charts were also developed to expedite the manufacturing process. 

    The Turkish coffee machine is perhaps the boldest innovation in the coffee machine industry. “Who says you cannot make it?” asked the S.POINT engineering lead. “The coffee machine is in itself a miniature robot.”

    The Results

    From a simple coffee pot to an automatic Turkish coffee machine built on an 8-core CPU, this represents the design innovation process from 0 to 1. S.POINT engineers has offered a comprehensive solution form components to detailed product map, representing a bold innovation as a result of in-depth insights and rich experience. 

    The world’s first Turkish coffee machine NAJJAR RAQWA has passed the Intertek certification. Products are sold at NAJJAR website. 

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